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Project Description

A Community project that provides extended reporting for Team Foundation Server installations.


The intent of this project is to allow for a single repository of SQL Server Reporting Services report for Team Foundation 2010 ( and above). We will be rolling out reports that can be immediately uploaded to your TFS Reporting Services site and used. Some later reports may require additional fields on your work items or may only make sense within the context of a specific process template. In those cases, we will make note of the dependency.

Call for Contributions

To make this project successful, we really need to get a backlog of report created. Ideas for reports that you'd love to see but are missing from the base TFS offering are prime candidates. Think of the things that you have to pull from TFS to report upon. Low-hanging fruit greatly appreciated.


20-Jan-2013 – Tommy

Last year Steve St. Jean and myself did some extensive work creating custom reports for a joint client of ours. The client was a large company well into an enterprise adoption of Scrum and other Agile practices. The reports we made them ranged from a set that helped make the testing efforts and work in progress in each Sprint more visible to multiple views of their Release Plan and its allocation of work to support software capitalization.

The client was gracious enough to give its permission for us to remove any of their proprietary material and release them to the public. Thus the Community TFS Report Extensions project on Codeplex was born.

We are happy to announce our first release of the report pack that includes our first two reports:

 Test Plan Status Report 

 The Test Plan Status is a report that extends the functionality found in the Test tab of Microsoft Test Manager.  While Test Manager can show you the completion status of the selected Test Suite, it does not show roll-up information when you have a hierarchy of suites.  This report is intended to fill that gap.

Release Plan Report

The Release Plan report shows the Product Backlog sorted by priority and overlaid with which sprint the items are forecasted to be delivered based on a given velocity. Only backlog items that have an effort, priority, and are in a valid state are included. Optionally you can specify a deadline which will appear before the Sprint it would fall during so you can see what items are forecasted to be completed by that date.
This initial release supports TFS 2010 and the MSF Agile 5.0 and MS Scrum 1.0 process templates (the Test Plan Status Report also support the CMMI template). We will be adding more reports in the near future along with updates to the current release with support for 2012 and some extensions.
Please take a look at the project and give us your feedback so we can continue to make these reports better. If you are interested in contributing, please let us know. The more the merrier!

19-Aug-2012 – Steve

We’ve had a bunch of downloads of v0.9.0 and some very fair comments and issues.  One of the comments was that the Test Plan Status report should be configurable so that you only see the Test Plans that are in a given Team Project.  This cuts down on the noise in the Test Plan Name filter list.  The other comment was for a user that couldn’t see any data in their report even thought hey are able to select a Test Plan.

Test Plan Filter by Team Project

To make this work as easily as possible, I’ve added an automatic filter to the report.  It will now look at the path on the Reporting Server where it resides and will pull out the Team Project name from that path. This will be used as the filter for the Test Plans list.

Example: I have a Scrum v1 Team Project. When I publish the report to that Team Project’s reporting site ( or one of its sub-folders) the report will automatically filter by Scrum v1.


Running the report, I now see only the Test Plans for the current Team Project.


Looking at the Tailspin Toys team reporting site I see that it’s version of the report only shows its Test Plans.



No Data Available for Report

This is still an open case, but to make diagnosis a little easier I have added some logic that shows when there is no data available based on the Test Plan selected.  The report will now show a message stating “No data was found for this Test Plan.  Test Suites will only appear in this view if the Suite contains one or more Test Cases. Test Suites will also appear if one of their child Suites contains one or more Test Cases.”  Now we will at least know that no data came back versus some other rendering problem.








2-Aug-2012 - Steve

Well we're off.

The project is up and running and the first report, Test Plan Status is out for Beta testing. Here's a quick look at it. For more info, check out it's Documentation in the Docs tab.


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