Add the tester field to the filter criteria


Hi again
Suggestion: add the Tester field criteria to the filter criteria. That way you can see only the test cases that the specific tester performed, rather than all the tests performed in the test plan


sstjean wrote Jan 19, 2013 at 8:40 PM

I was thinking about how we could implement this and came across a problem. How should we handle a case where the test case has been run multiple times by different people?

For example:
We have been testing the current release of an application. During the first test pass Tester A runs half of the tests, Tester B runs one quarter of the tests and Tester C runs the last quarter of the tests. During the test runs we find bugs which the developers quickly fix.

We now need to validate that the bugs are fixed. Tester C is assigned to validate all of the bugs. Tester C has to run tests that were originally run by Tester A and Tester B as well as ones that she had run.

How should these be reported when a Tester filter is applied?
  • Do we show the test case data for anyone that touched the Test Case and not worry about duplication?
  • Do we just report on the last Tester to touch the Test Case?
  • Is it possible that we are talking about another report to show the By Tester dimension of the data?
I'd love to hear anyone's comments on this. :)

erandd wrote Jan 19, 2013 at 10:08 PM

There are several options that may provide you with an answer.
In order to answer this i must refer to the workflow usually taken when you run a test case.
as you may recall, a test case is allocated to a certain tester in MTM. i do not mean the "Assigned To" field but rather the assign tester capability that is available in MTM itself.

so we actually have 3 possibilities:
  1. Use the last tester that ran the test case
  2. Show the tester that was allocated to the test case in MTM
  3. Show the Person that was assigned to the test case in the "Assigned To" field
I personally recommend the first option because it gives you the actual tester and in most cases will be the desired information that the test manager seeks.
Of course it might be problematic if the testers change, but in real life it is very rare that such circumstances occur.

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